Candles and Vows - Glorious End to the Year of Consecrated Life

February 2nd was the end of the Year of Consecrated Life. We had our usual blessing of candles in the gathering space in back of chapel. It was exquisite to sing a capella "In His Temple Now Behold Him" as we celebrated the 40th day of the birth of Christ and the Mystery of his Presentation in the Temple.  Unfortunately, I can't remember what we sang when we went back into chapel. We were also blessed to have two of our diocesan priests here on retreat this week. (Click on a photo to enlarge)

After the homily we had the joy of Sr. Cecilia Maria renewing her profession of the five Passionist vows in the hands of Mother Catherine Marie. Can you believe it has been three years since her First Profession!?  We join with her in rejoicing and sing Alleluia for Jesus' call to her to be his bride.  God-willing, she will make her Perpetual Profession in 2019.