The Sound in Silence - A Poem


The Sound in the Silence

I drink the running water of Your silent words which kiss me as a breeze kisses parched sand— lifting it up and carrying it away to places that promise the abundant beauty of water, trees, and roses and the adventure of changes in season.

Emboldened by desire, I respond. My answer echoes sure and clear, pronouncing sentence upon myself.

I hear Your Word, Beloved! savoring the silent sound of Your voice within my heart, discerning Your thoughts that fill the heights and depths of silence with resounding music.

Beloved, I will follow You into the deserts where You stand away from everything, recollected in a peace and an understanding completely Your own.

I speak noise. Your language is silence. But how You communicate! Master of subtleties and inspirations.

I come to learn how to speak how to find the meaning of my noise and then to say all and to contain it within the realm of Your holy silence.

- By Sister Rose Marie, C.P.