Sr Ann Miriam CP - Rest in Peace


The letter we faxed to our four Passionist Nuns' Monasteries here in the USA.April, 22, 2015

Dear Mother and Sisters,

We thank you for your prayers for our Sr. Ann Miriam. She passed through the gates of death into eternal life at 4:35 p.m. today.  As you know she had a stroke Tuesday, April 14 and the night of Wednesday, April 15 was admitted to Heartford House hospice in Owensboro, KY. Her siblings and other relatives were able to be with her many times throughout this week. Our sisters also visited numerous times in small groups and the sisters took turns staying with her day and night.

Sister could hear us and occasionally could say a few words. She also communicated with her right hand, often putting her hand under her chin in typical Sr. Ann Miriam fashion. Her left side had been paralyzed in the stroke.

Our novice, Sr. Lucia Marie, was keeping watch with Sister when she took her last breath. Sr. Ann Miriam’s brother, Fr. Joe Mills, lives just a few blocks away at the Carmel Home and came quickly to commend her soul to God.

We are planning her funeral Mass for Saturday at 10 a.m. - although this is not finalized yet.

We ask your continued prayers for her, us and her family. May God reward you.