The Holy Habit: My Pride, My Honor, My Glory

Since our Christmas activities ended, the cloth room has been very busy preparing Elizabeth's' bridal gown for the day of her betrothal to Jesus on February 13.  Elizabeth finalizing her first completed habit!  While Sr. Cecilia Maria cuts material for the second one.

Christie Anna creates markings to cut material for Elizabeth's second habit.

Elizabeth is writing a meditation on the meaning of her new religious name and title and I am looking forward to sharing that with you!  In the meantime here is a reflection from Passionist Nun - Venerable Mother Maria Magdalena, C.P. upon her reception of the religious habit.

Love of the holy habit

In spite of the fact that some twenty-three years have passed since that happy day (June 27, 1927), I still feel sentiments of veneration and gratitude to Jesus Crucified and to His sorrowful Mother because of the great manifestation of love and predilection. Time has not diminished my love and respect for this precious gift of Mary; rather, it seems that the passing of the years has made it more meaningful and more cherished.

Oh holy habit! You are my great consolation in the sorrows and afflictions of life; my shield and security in the dangers of exile; my pride, my honor and my glory while I live upon this earth.