Some Christmas Advice

Tomorrow Christ will come!  Merry and Blessed Christmas to all our friends!

I hope you will make the most of this holy season - YES - Christmas lasts more than just a day - it's a Season!  The season lasts until the Baptism of the Lord on January 12.  Here is site that helps you celebrate the 12 days of Christmas which leads up to the Solemnity of the Epiphany. I found out about it through this article.

Let's truly celebrate Christmas!  Here is some advice from the heart of our Founder about how to do just that.

Build a monastery in your heart and live there hidden in the bosom of God. You will live there a divine life, a holy life, a life of love, being reborn at every moment in the Divine Word, Jesus Christ. This will not prevent you from giving full attention to your family and other responsibilities.

Saint Paul of the Cross, Founder of the Passionist Congregation