Prayers from Behind Bars

It's that time of year when we have our Community retreats. Beginning yesterday half of the Sisters are "in retreat"; they are the "Marys". The other half of us are the "Marthas" and we keep the monastery running for 8 days.  I always seem to have extra time during these days to catch up. Thank you Lord!

light shining thru bars blog
light shining thru bars blog

This morning I have been "unburying" my desk of letters, cards, to-do notes, etc. In the midst of this I came across a Christmas card that had a powerful promise of prayers. I had set it aside to share with you all and it is 4 months later!

This card is from a woman who works with the Institute on Religious Life. They do an excellent job fostering and strengthening vocations to Consecrated Life.

I wanted you to know that you have someone special praying for the Passionists. A prisoner named Richard has written to us in the past and told us that he and his roommate are living the monastic life - regular prayer, no TV and often silence. They are praying specifically for Passionists. I'm sure his prayers, given his environment, are very powerful. I pray that his sacrifices may in God's mysterious ways, bring young women to your beautiful way of life. May Christ's passion be always in our hearts.

Wow, what a powerful tribute to the power of Christ's mercy and love.