Rejoice! Christ Conquers the Evil One!

Christus vincit!  Christus regnat!  Christus imperat! Christ conquers the Evil One!  Pope Francis, our 266th Pontiff, reminded us of this in today's Palm Sunday homily.

“Jesus on the Cross feels the whole weight of the evil, and with the force of God’s love he conquers it, he defeats it with his resurrection.

“Dear friends,we can all conquer the evil that is in us and in the world: with Christ, with the force of good!”

Today we have crossed the threshold into the holiest week of the Church Year. Today, we enter into this Holy Week vigilant, faithful, joyful.  Vigilant against the enemy, who as our 1st Pontiff, St. Peter the Apostle, wrote " prowling around looking for someone to devour."  Faithful, as St. Peter went on to say, "Resist him solid in your faith," the weapon against the enemy is our faith which is exercised by prayer. We also enter into this week through our joy. Deeds of joy...a subdued joy that will burst forth in songs of exuberant praise at the Holy Easter Vigil Saturday night.


Our Holy Hour of Eucharistic adoration during this evening of Palm Sunday.

How can we be joyful during Holy Week? It is because of the deeds of that first Holy Week that we are able to know joy and fulfillment in our lives. Because we have such a loving Savior who has conquered, is conquering and will conquer the Enemy in our lives. Let us be with Jesus in loving silence, adoration, deeds of mercy and participation in the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.

Our prayers are with and for each of you during these Holy Days. Please pray for us.

“With Christ,” Pope Francis declared, “we can transform ourselves and the world. We must bear the victory of Christ’s Cross to everyone everywhere, we must bear this great love of God."