Your Prayer Could Make a Nun!

Yes, it's that time of the year again...The patronal feast of our novitiate is just around the corner...that is the feast of St. Gabriel of our Lady of Sorrows on February 27th.


A statue of St. Gabriel graces the entrance of our novitiate. The novitiate is the place in the monastery set aside for the use of the new members. It includes their private cells, recreation/class room/library and computer area. It also includes the office of the novice directress who is the little superior of these new lambs of Jesus and Mary.  It is the place of the "making of a nun".

We began our novena to St. Gabriel and would like you to join us during these 8 days of prayer for an increase of members in our community.

Many women just need a bit more courage to give a greater "yes" to Jesus and try out Passionist life. Others feel they must be absolutely certain this is God's will for their life before they will try it out. But that is almost an impossible frame of mind to achieve.

In my own journey all I was sure of was that God wanted me to try out Passionist life. It was a time of discernment. That is why one does not make vows within her first week of entry!  It takes time to get acclimated to monastic life and see if it is God's call for her.  Rarely does God speak in an audible voice: Yes, enter here!  No, generally he inclines a woman's heart toward or away from the life.  With the help of the novice directress, through fidelity to prayer and a getting a taste of monastic life, God's will is made manifest.

Please pray for those women whom Jesus is calling to be his Passionist brides to give a generous YES. Your prayer might obtain the final grace they need to respond to God's plan for their lives!  Your prayer might just make a nun!

   O good St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin, you were taught by God to love the Passion of Jesus and to remember the Sorrows of Mary His Mother. By her side, you stood by the Cross of Jesus and shared her compassion. Following her, you grew in love for God and all His people. O St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin, we humbly ask you to intercede before God on our behalf, especially for the intentions we now present before you.

  • For all the women whom God is calling to join our monastic family
  • For the spiritual and temporal needs of our novitiate members and the novice directress
  • For all who pass through this novitiate - this holy training ground – that they will respond generously to God’s graces poured out in their hearts during this time of intense formation

We place our trust in your prayers St. Gabriel and wish to follow your example. Remember us, and especially our youth, with compassion. Support us all our days by your holy prayers. And when this life is done, may we join you in heaven in the company of Jesus and Mary.  Amen.