No Greater Liberty...

No Greater Liberty...What is true liberty? I propose to you that true liberty is found in giving a complete gift of self to God.  True liberty is being a saint. There is a Universal Call to Holiness, as the documents of Vatican II state.

I am currently reading the autobiography of one of our valiant Passionist Nuns - Mother Maria Magdalena, CP. She is of Lucca, Italy and died in 1960 in Madrid, Spain after having founded a monastery of Passionist Nuns there.  She was, or rather I should say, IS quite a remarkable woman!  For she is very much alive and interceding powerfully for us!


Here is what she wrote about the day she entered the monastery after many difficulties.  Perhaps this will give courage and hope to those of you who are on this same journey she was on in 1906.  For those of you who are not discerning a religious vocation you too are called to this liberation from the world...of being "in the world but not of the world."  Mother Maria Magdalena, ora pro nobis!

The Cloister at Last

It was almost seven o'clock in the evening when we arrived at the convent. The nuns had delayed their dinner one hour to wait for us. So, when they knew we were there, they wanted us to come in immediately. We stopped at the door of the cloister, which was opened at once. On our knees we asked for a last blessing from our confessor and from mother, while the nuns formed two rows on the inside...They were as eager to receive us as we were impatient to enter. As soon as they opened the door I ran, as if I were a bird, to the garden to enjoy, at last, the longed-for freedom.

People of the world call the convent a prison; but, for me, the world was a prison; it is now and it always will be, although those who live as slaves of its maxims, do not recognize it. There is no greater liberty than that of a soul within the sacred walls of the cloister...far from the illusions and deceptions the world offers to those who love it. The soul that dedicates itself entirely to the service of the Lord can repeat with the Prophet: 'Lord, you have broken my bonds, I offer you in sacrifice a host of praise.' This is the sentiment of my poor heart, which will be a holocaust consumed in the fire of your love all the days of my life.


A couple weeks ago we opened our door and hearts to three wonderful gals who spent a day of their fall break with us learning about Passionist life. Do come again!

We also welcomed 30 1-6 graders and their chaperones/teachers fromMaximilian Montessori Academy.  Too bad we didn't get a photo. They will have to come again so we can get a photo next time!

Prayer for the Cloistered Life

Lord Jesus, we thank you for the silent witness of cloistered and monastic communities within the life and mission of the Church. May the prayers and sacrifices of these women and men "hidden with Christ" sparkthe spiritual renewal of the Mystical Body of Christ. Bless this special form of consecrated life with an abundance of vocations as they embrace lives of enclosure in anticipation of Your Kingdom. Amen.

- Prayer from Institute on Religious Life