The Monastic Cell

Please keep us in your prayers... Half of the Sisters are in 8-day solitude retreat while the other half take on the extra duties.

During Lent I read a delightful book about one of my fellow contemplatives: He Is My Heaven: The Life of Elizabeth of the Trinity by Jennifer Moorcroft. Mrs. Moorcroft - wonderful job!  This is the 2nd time I have read this book since we received it as a gift for my Final Profession of Vows in 2003. If you like our blog you will LOVE this book!

Elizabeth of the Trinity
Elizabeth of the Trinity

Anyway, Elizabeth waxes eloquent about the spirituality of the cell and Mrs. Moorcroft quotes some of her letters. During my retreat I am spending more time in my cell...reading, praying, studying, crocheting, resting. It is good to be in solitude with the Beloved. Here is what Blessed Elizabeth has to write about it: is filled with God and I spend such wonderful hours there alone with the Bridegroom. For me, the cell is something sacred, it is His intimate sanctuary, just for Him and His little bride. We are so much "together," I am silent, I listen to is so good to hear everything He has to say. And I love Him while I ply my needle and work on this dear serge (her habit) that I have so longed to wear.

Our cells are plain, sparsely furnished mostly with donated or homemade furniture and absent of superfluities. This gives them an austere beauty and a visual peace. It is the outward embodiment of the inner cell we live in while in the state of God's abundant grace. I must admit though, sometimes I have so many books on my desk that I can't find the desk!  I have a little prayer altar where I keep a holy image, a candle and a notebook of prayer intentions, some holy relics and a blessed palm.

We find God in everything - by Faith. We live him, breathe him, love him - by Faith. Especially in the solitude of the cell.