All Encompassing Prayer

One evening I was chatting with a Sister during our recreation about  the power that flows from being a spouse of Christ and how fidelity to this holy relationship penetrates the world and makes us spiritual mothers. She then shared the following grace with me and I asked her to share it with you!

In prayer before Jesus, I started thinking of all the prayer requests that come in to the monastery and how important each and every one of them is. I was also thinking of all the needs in our Church, in the country and in the world. I wanted to encompass them all and was feeling a little overwhelmed at how to do this.

I asked Jesus, “Jesus, how did you pray for every single person in history while you were here on this earth?”


What came to my mind was something like this: “The best thing you can do for your spiritual children is to love your Divine Spouse and to be faithful. This is what they need to see, and everything will come from this love.”

What simplicity and peace this brought to my heart. Even though those I pray for can’t see this devotion and faithfulness with their bodily eyes, I believe in some way by God’s mercy, they will see with their heart and soul and grace will be present to them.