Mystery Monastery Photo...2nd UPDATE

Can you identify this photo???

This picture was taken today at the monastery...

The first person who provides the correct answer will receive a spiritual bouquet!


OK - we have received some great responses AND we have received the correct response. But it is so fun reading your responses we don't want to bring the contest to an end just yet.

Jane (a.k.a. "NunMother" and mother of Sr. Cecilia Maria) sent us the most interesting guesses. Thought you'd like to read them too!

OK, I have tried to figure this out.

1) Strange bird nest 2) Dangerous animal hole 3) Well gone dry 4) Fungus growth on cedar tree 5) Petrified bee hive 6) Knot on a tree 7) Crushed thyme

I will go for number 6!



Well...the answer is a well!  We thought it looked like a close-up photo of a lizard's eye but know one else thought that. :(

Ruth Ann sent us an interesting answer - a close up eye of a blind elephant - apologies - we have no wild elephants in Western Kentucky.

Certainly "NunMother" had the most interesting answers but Susan Kaness was the first to respond with the correct answer. Yay Susan! Spiritual Bouquet coming your way.

P.S. Jane - God reward you for the thyme - it arrived safe and sound and was planted the same day!