With Mary in the Sea of Love

Greetings from the monastery. I know, it has been an incredibly long time since I posted. Mea culpa! Maxima mea culpa! I have been waiting about 9 months to post this most beautiful letter of our dear father and founder. He wrote it on August 21st (I'll get the year of that letter and add that to this post later.) during the Octave of the Assumption in preparation for the Feast of her Queenship.

It is a very inspiring letter. I hope it draws you into a more intimate relationship with the mother of Jesus, our mother.


My Daughter in Jesus Crucified,

Yesterday, I received your letter, in which I see what you tell me about Don Fabio, and I will not fail to recommend him to God. I hope the situation is not serious, and, if it is, it is sufficient that he knows it.

The great triumph of Mary Most Holy is with us, but I do not have the spirit to speak of it. The riches of this Sovereign Lady are so great, a profound sea of perfections, that only the great God, who enriched her with her treasure, can fathom.

That wound of love, which so gently pierced her pure heart from the first instant of her Immaculate Conception, grew so much throughout her holy life that, penetrated from within, it was shared by her entire body and soul. So that death of love, more precious than life, put an end to that great sea of suffering, which the great Mother endured throughout the whole course of her life not only in the Passion of Jesus, but also in seeing all the offenses committed by ungrateful men against the Divine Majesty.

So we now hold a feast and rejoice in God our Good over the triumph of Mary Most Holy, our great Queen and Mother. We exult that she is raised above all choirs of angels, seated at the right hand of her Divine Son.

In the great Heart of Jesus you can rejoice over the glories of Mary Most Holy, loving her with the Heart of her Divine Son. If Jesus allows you, you can take flight into the pure Heart of Mary and rejoice with her, expressing your happiness that she is finished with all the pains, all the sorrows, and ask for the grace to remain always immersed in the immense sea of divine love, whence issues that other sea of the pains of Jesus and the sorrows of Mary.

Allow yourself to be penetrated with these pains, these sorrows, and allow yourself to feel the sword or lance or dart so that the wound of love may penetrate deep within you. For the more deeply you are pierced with the wound of love, the sooner you will come out of your prison cell.

I am in an abyss of darkness, and I do not know how to speak of such marvels, etc. Anyone who wishes to be more pleasing to Mary Most Holy must humble themselves the more, annihilate themselves the more, for Mary was the humblest of all creatures; therefore, she pleased God more than all by her humility.

Pray to Mary Most Holy that it may not be too late to ask for the grace to be truly humble and completely virtuous, all aflame with love. Ask her to do you the favor of wounding your heart with a sharp dart of love so that, deeply wounded by sword or lance, you remain in her hands.

During this Octave do what the Holy Spirit moves you to do. Do not be held down by what I say, but give your soul the freedom to fly where the Highest Good attracts you. Pray for me there and the present needs of Holy Church and all the world, for the souls in purgatory, especially for those for whom we are more obliged to pray, and for this least Congregation that Mary Most Holy will protect it and provide it with holy workers. For she is the Treasurer of grace, and His Divine Majesty wishes that they pass through her hands.

Jesus bless you. Amen.

Greet Don Fabio for me in Jesus Christ.

Your unworthy servant,

Paul of the Cross, Least Discalced Cleric Regular