Resources on Saint Paul of the Cross

Recently several of you have inquired about some good reading materials on St. Paul of the Cross. Our Passionist Fathers on the East Coast (Province of St. Paul of the Cross) have a helpful on-line shop of Passionist resources. Here are some of my favorites.

Here are two good biographies of St. Paul of the Cross

This book is a great resource on the spirituality of St. Paul of the Cross by the esteemed Fr. Bennet Kelley, C.P.

An excellent 30 minute DVD on the life and times of St. Paul of the Cross

  • Visit his birthplace
  • See where he made his famous 40 day retreat and wrote the first Rule
  • Monte Argentario where the first Passionist monastery was erected
  • View shots of Sts. John & Paul, near the colisseum in Rome which is the Generalate of the Passionist Congregation

Three volume set of the Letters of St. Paul of the Cross. These are lovely hard-bound copies.

  • Historical introductions to the different periods of Paul's life
  • Great footnotes
  • Drawings of persons, maps

Don't let this simple cover fool you. This is chock full of important Passionist stuff by the well-known Fr. Jude Mead, C.P.

This book features...

  • A short biography
  • His mystical spiritual diary
  • Intro to his letters
  • St. Paul of the Cross' doctrine
  • Papal documents
  • Various texts including a reflection on St. Paul of the Cross written by Cardinal Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II)
  • Passionist history
  • Foundation and development of the Passionist Nuns
  • Paulacrucian materials, i.e. liturgical texts, prayers and devotions, hymns and so on

Daily Devotional of excerpts from the letters of St. Paul of the Cross - this book is a little gem!