Live the Christmas Mystery

Live Jesus, so live in me, that all I do be done by Thee,that all I think and all I say, be Thy thoughts and words this day.

    The following are some thoughts from our monastery Christmas newsletter 2010. Let us live the Christmas Mystery every day of the year!

    "As religious women in the Church we have surrendered our lives to Christ to be another 'humanity' in which He may continue His redemptive work. In the ordinary events of daily life, as well as the bigger things that come our way, we pray to be like Mary who always gave God a whole-hearted 'Yes, be it done!'

    "This yes, as difficult as it sometimes is, allows Christ to be formed more and more in us through the simple as well as the great things of daily life—the prayers, works, joys and sufferings of each day. Nothing is insignificant, nothing is too small to be used by God for the salvation of souls. Our Savior Himself chose the life of growth and work and suffering, and He spent about 30 years in what has been called His 'hidden life'.

    "His life continues in all the baptized. This is a great mystery—that Christ is in us and we are in Him. Being aware of this mystery can turn an ordinary day into treasure for the Church."

Maranatha! O come, O come, Emmanuel!