Passionist Nuns 100 Years in USA - Part III

    Our Nuns had not wanted a big celebration and they weren’t going to tell anyone about it. It was just going to be the Passionist Nuns, some friends, relatives and Passionist religious from nearby Saint Paul’s Monastery, yet the word got out. They wanted it small but God wanted it big! He wanted to show His love and appreciation for a hundred years of faithfulness.

    Above is the front of the card our Sr. Mary Therese designed as a gift for our Pittsburgh nuns. Except for the image of the Queen of Martyrs everything else is hand-painted!

     This is our family tree - 8 foundations of Passionist Nuns sprouted from the tree of the cross planted by the five foundresses in Pittsburgh, PA in 1910.

    Sister Mary Grace (Pittsburgh) and Mother Vincent Marie (Japan) under the protective mantle of St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face - also known as "the Little Flower". Is there any monastery that does not have a statue of this great contemplative Doctor of the Church!?  Congratulations dear Sr. Mary Grace upon your Final Profession of the Five Passionist Vows!!  May our Lady of Sorrows obtain many graces for you to continue in loving and grateful fidelity as a valiant bride of the Crucified!

Mother Mary Grace (Korea) peaks around the beautiful donated flower arrangement

    Christie and Sr. John Mary were amazed as things unfolded in preparation for the anniversary Mass on Sunday, July 11th. Everything was being donated: food, flowers, bottled water, catered meals, large cakes, even a butterfly garden! On Sunday the guests filled the chapel and there was overflow seating outdoors. Our Lord even provided the perfect weather, a real concern since they have no air conditioning. Whereas the temperature had been close to 100 degrees, it plummeted 30 degrees the day we arrived and remained in the 70’s and 80’s the whole weekend.

     One woman in poor health, recently hospitalized, wanted to be at the celebration so badly, and when she insisted on coming, the Sisters expressed their concern. "No," she said, "I have to be there. Even if I die, I have to be there." This is an example of the outpouring of love and gratitude to God for the foundation of the Passionist Nuns in the United States 100 years ago.


Sr. Maria Dolores (Korea), Mother Mary Grace (Korea) and Sr. John Mary 

    Sr. Mary Elizabeth's (Pittsburgh) niece plays preludes and postludes on the harp with a masterful and gentle touch


Some of the Sisters with Bishop David Zubic, Bishop of the Pittsburgh diocese

   On Sunday July 11th, the great day had finally come. Rev. David A. Zubik, Bishop of Pittsburgh, and the retired auxiliary bishop, Most Rev. William J. Winter, were joined by diocesan and religious priests, including many Passionists, in a glorious celebration of the Mass of Thanksgiving.  Friends and relatives packed the Chapel and overflowed outside. This culmination of 100 years of holy Masses was simultaneously the beginning of the next 100 years in which the Passionist Nuns would participate deeply in the Sacrifice of the Cross perpetuated down the ages through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  

The rest of the photos were taken during the banquet following the 100th anniversary Mass. 


Fr. Gerald Laba, CP (Rector of St. Paul of the Cross Monastery), Sr. Paul Marie (Pittsburgh) and a diocesan priest friend


Sr. Marguerite Marie (Philippines) and Fr. Donald Ware, CP (Vice-Rector of Saint Paul of the Cross Monastery)

Fr. Timothy Figtzgerald CP in center; unfortunately I can't recall the name of the Passionist priest at left!


Fr. Paul Vaeth, CP with Sr. Mary Elizabeth (Pittsburgh)

    Sr. Maria (Pittsburgh) with Fr. Robert Joerger, CP (Provincial of Saint Paul of the Cross Province) and Fr. Robin Ryan, CP