Where are you???

    Perhaps this is what many of you our dear friends have been wondering.  Where are the nuns?      Well, I could tell you that we got lost in the desert of Lent...

    But seriously...I do hope to get back to regular blogging during the blessed Easter Season.  Until then, let us keep each other in prayer! May this be a most sacred and solemn Lent for us all.

    Oh, btw, you might enjoy this link to our vocation dvd. It was recorded 3 years ago and so the members you see/don't see are a little outdated but the spirit and truth of our life is still well represented herein.  Special thanks to our lay-Passionist friend David for posting it on his blog.

    Also, check out the new feature at our website - The Novitiate Corner!

    Well, I must get back to the sacred desert.  :) 

    May the Passion of Jesus Christ and the Sorrows of Mary be ever in our hearts!