O Blessed Night of Nights!

   He comes to save us! Our King! Born on this Blessed Night of nights to enlighten our world with his merciful love!     Let’s celebrate Christmas! Let’s take back this Holy Season! As you know, for so many Christmas is over when it has only just begun. One of the greatest joys of monastic life is a full living of the Mysteries of the Liturgical Year. This is not only for religious and priests but for all God’s children. These mysteries are for everyone! Christ is our Head; we are His Mystical Body. These mysteries overflow with virtues and graces which are ours for the taking.

    Let’s avail ourselves of the many "spiritual Christmas presents"...here are just a few...

O Jesus…You come in littleness…gift us with pure humility You come in silence…gift us with sacred recollection You come in hiddenness…gift us with holy solitude You come in poverty…gift us with generosity You come in holiness…gift us with compunction of heart You come in flesh...gift us with divinity You come in meekness…gift us with self-control You come in Mary…gift us to know her You come in mercy…gift us to Love You You come in Eucharist…gift us to receive You worthily You come in condescension…gift us to worship You

Christmas lasts until the Baptism of the Lord – let’s celebrate this sacred Season worthily, reverently and joyfully!

Here is a recent community photo taken this autumn. No, the lady on the right is not a future postulant  but she is a wonderful friend.

Let us meet in reverent wonder at the cradle of Redeeming Love

Merry and Blessed Christmas to all and to all a Good Night! Remembering especially you Ane Kirstine Our prayers are with you and your dear family