Renewing our Vows to God

We just finished our annual 4 day retreat in preparation for our communal devotional renewal of vows this morning during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  I had wanted to write you all before retreat but time was limited...need I say more?

    Our 4 day retreat each fall is a time to focus on a renewal of our "yes" to Jesus' call to bridal union. We do this in union with Mary and her "yes" at the Annunciation which she renewed throughout her life.  I read some chapters from The Foundations of Religious Life - Revisiting the Vision a collection of articles from the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious.  There is a most beautiful article on our Spousal Union with Christ and how this gift of self is lived out in I must live out what I have pondered during retreat!  Veni Sancte Spiritus!

    Today is Pro Orantibus Day! I so wanted to get a post up earlier this week for you all about this very special day for cloistered religious.  In 2006 Pope Benedict gave us a moving Angelus message explaining this special day. God reward all of you who support us in our cloistered contemplative life as we seek to imitate Jesus in His mission of adoration of the Father and supplication for the salvation of the world. We are all so interconnected in the Mystical Body of our Divine Bridegroom. You NEED us and we NEED you!

Last week brought us a retreatant from the Rockford, IL diocese - Fr. Paul Fasano. One of our Sisters had been asked to pray for Fr. Paul in 2004 when he began his seminary studies in Rome. After corresponding all these years it was so nice to finally meet him and be joined in the Sacred Liturgy. It was exciting to learn that he and our aspirant Ane Kirstine had actually had a class together in Rome at the Angelicum on St. John of the Cross by Fr. Paul Murray, OP and that she was present at Fr. Paul's diaconate ordination in 2008.

Fr. Bernie Weber, CP (a visiting Passionist Priest), Fr. Ray Clark (our chaplain), Fr. John and Fr. Paul (both here on retreat)

Fr. Paul and Sr. John Mary found out they are both reading a copy of Abbe Francis Trochu's 1927 biography "The Cure D'Ars (St. John Vianney)" in order to get to know our Holy Cure better during this Year for the Priest! Small world.

    Well, I must be signing off so as to be able to go for a rosary walk, spending some time with our Mother and intimate confidante - the mother of my Divine Spouse! She has much to teach me.