We have an aspirant!

    Our Queen Mother gave our community a wonderful gift on her Feast this past Saturday - the gift of a new aspirant!

    Mother Catherine Marie had placed the small passion sign pin before our Eucharistic Lord shortly before First Vespers of Sunday began. After the scripture reading Mother presented the holy sign to Kirstine with these words:

Kirstine, receive the aspirant's Passion Sign. As you begin this beautiful walk with Jesus, we entrust you to the maternal care and protection of Our Blessed Mother. God willing - with her example before you and your cooperation with grace - you will one day wear the large Passion Sign of a professed religious. God bless you Kirstine. Our love and prayers will be with you.

    Then each of us Sisters came forward to officially welcome her into our home during this time of greater discernment.

    Special thanks is due to The Anchoress for sharing with her large viewing audience of the news of our new aspirant. May God reward you for the other links you have made to us as well!