We are in need of witnesses

    We continue to be graced by Fr. McGonigle's presence among us these days. Last evening he shared with us his thoughts about the great importance of our contemplative cloistered vocation in the Church and world of today. He shared this in the light of the Feast of the Carmelite Martyrs of Compiegne which will be celebrated next week.     We had been chatting about the crisis in our nation and in our Church. Father began our next conference by asking us...what's the answer? the Martyrs of Compiegne.  One might dare to say their profound witness brought an end to the French Revolution.

    What is the role of cloistered nuns now?  WITNESS

  • Witness to life of community
  • Witness to life of prayer
  • Witness to life of service
  • Witness to life of penance
  • Witness to life of charity

    Prayer of contemplatives is of immense importance for our society. What is God's will for us as cloistered nuns? Holiness of life. Many do not recognize the need of God or Christian morality.

    Therefore, witnesses are needed.

    Who is sustaining the diocesan priest living alone? covering 3 parishes? overburdened with administrative duties? so tired its difficult to pray? We must come to their aid (especially during this Year of the Priest) and to the aid of our Church and nation.

    Our apostolate of the 21st century is that same as it was when we were founded in the 18th century...to help people hear the Gospel and open themselves to the mystery of the Passion of Christ which flows from the Bosom of the Father. We celebrate this mystery at every Eucharist. Our life is important in Salvation History.

    We too are called to bear the cross for the Church in the US and for our beloved Nation.