Trinity Sunday

    Greetings!  We were all very happy to see the cover of the current "Today's Missal" - the famous icon of the Most Holy Trinity. They are returning to such classic artwork. (Some of the previous stuff one had to just simply cover up!) 

As you can see Sister John Mary is delighted with the cover. By the way, her title is "of the Indwelling Trinity".

    On such a meaningful feast I wanted to leave with you some quotes from a woman who truly lived in the awareness of God dwelling within her through the grace of Baptism - Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity.

There, in the depths of my heart, in the Heaven of my soul, I love to find Him, since He never leaves me. ‘God in me, I in Him.’ Oh, that is my life! ‘Marie-Elizabeth of the Trinity’ I think this name indicates a special vocation; isn’t it beautiful! I so love this mystery of the Holy Trinity; it is an abyss in which I lose myself!

~ June 14, 1901

I am ‘Elizabeth of the Trinity,’ that is, Elizabeth disappearing, losing herself, letting herself be possessed by the Three…Let us join in making our days one continual communion: in the morning let us awake in Love; all day long let us surrender to Love, that is, by doing the will of God, in His presence, with Him, in Him, for Him alone. Let us give ourselves all the time in the way that He wants. And then, when evening comes, after a dialogue of love which has not ceased in our heart, let us also fall asleep in Love. Perhaps we will see faults, infidelities; let us abandon them to Love: it is a fire which consumes, so let us make our purgatory in His Love!  

Sanctus! Sanctus! Sanctus!

    This God who is Love is dwelling within us through Baptism and by remaining in the State of Grace.  May we, like Blessed Elizabeth, live by faith in awareness of this most awesome privilege!