Infant resting on the Cross

    Did you see the National Catholic Register Christmas Gift Guide that was in the November 9 -15 issue? Two of the handmade items from our on-line Gift shop were featured!

We have been getting lots of orders...

especially of the Infant Resting on the Cross.

 Yes, Sister Mary Therese has been very busy in the "nursery" creating these statuettes!

   We have been pleasantly surprised to find that the symbol of the Infant Resting on the Cross is quickly becoming a Pro-Life image. One woman called from Nebraska wanting to give these to the sidewalk counselors who pray in front of abortion clinics. A wheel-chair bound elderly woman from New York City wants to give these to some of the Sisters of Life for Christmas and another woman bought some to give to her children who have suffered miscarriages.

   This prayer symbol was actually "born" in the heart of our founder and 18th century mystic, St. Paul of the Cross. Having commissioned an original painting of an infant resting on a cross, Paul then gave the image to a woman under his direction who suffered from severe illness. He told her she was to learn from it how to sleep interiorly on the cross of suffering with a sweet silence of faith and patience. This image remains a powerful help today for anyone desiring to share the trustful attitude of Jesus. Trust in the Father’s love at work in the crosses and hardships of daily life, enables one to attain an interior "resting" in the will of God even when stretched on the cross.

    Happily, we are subscribers of the National Catholic Register; if you are not we hope you will be soon! Special thanks to the NCR for featuring us. May the Lord continue to bless your work of proclaiming truth!

   May all of you have a Blessed and Holy Thanksgiving Day tomorrow and may you rest in the Father's love as you encounter the crosses of your daily life. May the passion of Christ and the Sorrows of Mary be ever in our hearts!