Living the Liturgy

      As we headed towards our ping-pong match last evening I could hear the same joy and awe in Sharon's voice that I had when I first experienced our monastic life centered around the Liturgical Year. How good it is and how privileged we are to live under the same roof as our Sacramental Spouse! What a blessing to be totally consecrated to Him and to fulfill our duty as Christians of worshiping the Most Blessed Trinity through the perfect prayer of Jesus in the Heavenly Liturgy. 

      Yesterday was the Solemnity of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven. We prepared with a solemn 9-day novena which included a special prayer and daily reading at Vespers, a couple of solitude afternoons and fasting. By First Vespers the altar was covered with the beautiful antipendium and Marian panels, the flowers were in place and we heralded our Lady with the Office of Gregorian Chant from Gethsemani Abbey (whose chant we use on Sundays and Solemnities).

     Our Lady, Gate of Heaven, opened the doors of the Sacred Liturgy for us and throughout the day we relished her presence, received her love and were renewed in our fidelity and charity as we spent the morning with her Son during Solemn Exposition and the afternoon in recreation, rest, private and liturgical prayer, festive meal, optional recreation and then entered back into the Silence of our Lady as the Great Silence bell tolled at 9 p.m. 

     What a day...

     By the way, Sharon respectfully beat me in every game of ping-pong.  Any ping-pong champs out there? Sharon needs some competition. And our Lady would love to have more daughters in this monastery to worship her Son.

     O Mary, Assumed into Heaven, pray for us who have recourse to Thee!