A Eucharistic Reflection

We Christians hear the exhortation to go out and proclaim the good news.  I have asked myself many times, “What is the Good News of Jesus Christ that I would like to proclaim?”  As a happy new Catholic who just entered the Church this last Easter Vigil, the best news I have heard in my entire life and that I wish to proclaim is that Jesus is present to us always in the Blessed Sacrament!

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The Humility of John the Baptist

The complaining disciples of John, remind us how easy it is to come to conclusions about someone and to feel jealousy when we think the other one is getting something that we might deserve. But in his humility, John was making the way for Christ and his joy was complete. John was the best man, Jesus was the groom and the Church, his mystical body born from his side, would be his bride.

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Learning the Value of Silence

I have had many great teachers in the school of silence especially since I've been coming to this Monastery.  One of those teachers was my now deceased sister-in-law and Passionist Oblate Judy Roby.  During Judy's journey with breast cancer she told me that being a Passionist Oblate, and being with the nuns here at this Monastery had prepared her for her final journey.

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The Spiritual Effects of Abortion

There are no outsiders with God. While I am not post-abortive, I was called by our Sorrowful Mother to pray for healing for post-abortive women, then later to an active role of ministry with Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats. I have witnessed the mighty hand of God restore dignity and hope to those who thought of themselves as outsiders not worthy of God’s mercy or deserving of new life.

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Loving Spirit of God,

            You continually invite me to

            the Table of the Word.

            It is an invitation

            to eat frequently..

            As the stream  can never run dry,

            neither is your word

            completely consumed  by the eating.

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