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Novena for the Assumption of Mary - Day 7


O Mary, Mother of God, we can only faintly imagine with what tenderness the Eternal Father received and embraced you, His most beloved daughter, the Mother of His Divine Son, and the Immaculate Bride of the Holy Spirit. The Father crowned you by making you a sharer in His power; the Son crowned you by making you a partaker of His wisdom; the Holy Spirit crowned you by making you a partake of His boundless love.  The three Divine Persons declared you Queen of Heaven and Earth, and assigned you a place at the right hand of Jesus.  You received from the Adorable Trinity the crown and scepter which made you Queen of Angels and Saints, and the all-powerful Mediatrix of graces with your Divine Son, our God and Savior.  Jesus made you the treasurer of all the graces He won for us by His death on the cross.  You are the channel through which He dispenses His gifts upon earth.

O Mary, assumed into heaven, pray for us who have recourse to thee!