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Novena for the Assumption of Mary - Day 4


O Mary, Immaculate Mother of God, I believe that it is a divinely revealed dogma that you, having completed the course of your earthly life, were assumed body and soul into heavenly glory.  Jesus ascended to heaven by His own power as Lord and Creator, accompanied by angels who paid Him homage.  You were taken to heaven by the power of God, accompanied and upheld by angels, raised aloft by grace, not by nature.  Jesus ascended to heaven before you not only that He might prepare a throne for you in that Kingdom, but also that He might Himself accompany you with all the blessed spirits, and thus render your entry into heaven more glorious and worthy of His Mother.  At the Annunciation, you O Mary, received Jesus on earth.  It was proper that He should receive you into heaven.  Having deigned to come down to you, He wished to raise you up to Himself that you might enter into His glory.

O Mary, assumed into heaven, pray for us who have recourse to thee!