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Memorial of St. Maria Goretti

  • Passionist Nuns 8564 Crisp Road Whitesville, KY, 42378 United States (map)

St. Maria Goretti was born of a poor peasant family in Corinaldi, Italy, in 1890.  Near Nettuno she spent a difficult childhood assisting her mother in domestic duties.  Maria was of a pious nature, often at prayer and was well known to her neighbors for her cheerfulness and piety. She is counted among Passionist saints because she attended a parish staffed by Passionist priests, and it was they who promoted her cause for sainthood.

The following is excerpted from a homily at the canonization of Saint Maria Goretti by Pope Pius XII:

"It is well known, too, how this young girl had to face a bitter struggle with no way to defend herself.  When she was twelve she was a victim of assault.  Without warning a vicious stranger burst upon her, bent on raping her and destroying her childlike purity.  In that moment of crisis she could have spoken to her Redeemer in the words of that classic, The Imitation of Christ:  "Though tested and plagued by a host of misfortunes, I have no fear so long as your grace is with me. It is my strength, stronger than any adversary; it helps me and gives me guidance."  With splendid courage she surrendered herself to God and his grace and so gave her life to protect her virginity.  She preferred to die rather than to lose her virginity.   She was stabbed to death, preferring to die rather than be raped.

The life of this simple girl—I shall concern myself only with highlights—we can see as worthy of heaven.  Even today people can look upon it with admiration and respect.  Parents can learn from her story how to raise their God-given children in virtue, courage and holiness; they can learn to train them in the Catholic faith so that, when put to the test, God's grace will support them and they will come through undefeated, unscathed and untarnished.

From Maria's story carefree children and young people with their zest for life can learn not to be led astray by attractive pleasures which are not only ephemeral and empty but also sinful.  Instead they can fix their sights on achieving Christian moral perfection, however difficult and hazardous that course may prove.  With determination and God's help all of us can attain that goal by persistent effort and prayer.

 Maria died in 1902, and her mother was present at her canonization in 1950, the first time a parent was present for a child's canonization.

Not all of us are expected to die a martyr's death, but we are all called to the pursuit of Christian virtue.  This demands strength of character though it may not match that of this innocent girl.  Still, a constant, persistent and relentless effort is asked of us right up to the moment of our death.  This may be conceived as a slow steady martyrdom which Christ urged upon us when he said: The kingdom of heaven is set upon and laid waste by violent forces.

So let us all, with God's grace, strive to reach the goal that the example of the virgin martyr, Saint Maria Goretti, sets before us.  Through her prayers to the Redeemer may all of us, each in his own way, joyfully try to follow the inspiring example of Maria Goretti who now enjoys eternal happiness in heaven." 

Patron: Against impoverishment; against poverty; children; children of Mary; girls; loss of parents; martyrs; rape victims; young people in general.

Things to Do:

  • This saint's feast day is a wonderful launching point to teach our children about purity, chastity and modesty. Sex education should be taught by the parents with a Catholic approach. Young girls can use St. Maria as a model.

A highly recommended book is St. Maria Goretti: In Garments All Red  by Rev. Godfrey Poage. Young teens to adult will enjoy this account of her life.

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