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First Profession of Passionist Nuns

  • Passionist Nuns 8564 Crisp Road Whitesville, KY, 42378 United States (map)

This day marks the anniversary of the first profession of vows by the first Passionist Nuns in 1772. Below is the letter St. Paul of the Cross -- still bedridden -- wrote to Mother Mary Crucified for that momentous occasion, for which he had worked over so many years.


May 29, 1772

Reverend Mother in Christ,

I rejoice in the Lord that His Divine Majesty has brought this holy work to its completion now that all the spouses of the Crucified are consecrated with holy vows. Now it is necessary, above all, to correspond to this great favor. Therefore, let them strive, above all, to put into practice the holy advice given by Father John Mary. Let them observe their holy Rules, and before everything else let them make holy charity shine among them by loving one another as they love themselves. Let them know how to be compassionate with one another and help one another in need. In short, let them make the true spirit of the Crucified shine forth so that they may be the splendor of the world, which is now so corrupt.

I give thanks to His Divine Majesty that the election of the superior has fallen on your person, and I am very happy over that, and I hope that your governing will be completely holy and that you will distrust yourself and have confidence in God and in Mary Most Holy. However, observe prudence in everything, for that is the main thing, and act with everyone in a spirit of charity and meekness. If you do this, things will go well, as I expect.

What is to be said of my health? It is true I am a bit better, but I cannot get around on my feet, for my whole body has pains and my nerves are very weak. Recommend me to the Lord so that he will accomplish his Holy Will in me. That is what I always desire.

Give my respects to all the religious, especially to your sisters, and to Mother Mary Magdalene, who, I hope, will be a saint. To all I send my holy blessing. Now, placing all in the Heart of Jesus, I close and say I am,

Your useless servant,

Paul of the +

Jesus make you as holy as I desire. Pray to him for me and remain always in your nothing, allowing that nothing to disappear in the Infinite All, who is God, the greatest Good.