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Retreats will be scheduled for individual women, men, married couples or groups of all Christian Faith Traditions.

Dress Code:  We ask women to bring a dress or slacks to be worn at Mass and men to bring one pair of long pants to be worn at Mass.  Short pants that come to the knees may be worn.  

Food: Breakfast, Lunch and Supper are served in the Dining Room.  The kitchen cannot provide meals for those requiring special diets.  If you want soft drinks or snacks, in between meals, feel free to bring what you need.

arrival information: Please call the Monastery if you cannot arrive at your original scheduled arrival time.   Monastery entrance road gate closes and locks at 10:00 p.m. each night.

pets cannot be brought on your retreat.

donation:  We ask for a donation.  Please see the following Retreat Type Listings:  Solitude, Preached, Recollection Days for requested offering donations. Please contact the Retreat Administrator for suggested donations for Conference Meetings.  These contributions are essential for operating the facility and are the main means of livelihood for the Nuns.

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Notice of cancellation or change in plans should be made as soon as possible. Someone else may be waiting anxiously for the chance to make a Retreat.

Reservations may also be made:

By E-Mail to:   or  email - nunsp address. 

By Postal Mail to: Retreat House Administrator, Passionist Nuns, 8564 Crisp Road, Whitesville, Ky 42378. 

By Telephone at: 270-302-8023    Fax: 270-233-4572.  Note: For all phone calls please call Monday through Saturday during the following hours: 9:00 am to 11:30 am (ct) and  3:15 pm to 4:30 pm (ct).

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