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  Guest /Retreat House
                     Whitesville, KY

      Monasteries are usually founded in places of great natural beauty. No wonder people looking for something missing in their lives have instinctively been drawn to make a Retreat at monasteries where they can get back in touch with their deepest selves and their God-given destiny.

     Our Retreat House and Chapel, located on a peaceful 170-acre site of beautiful woodlands, gives women and men of Catholic and other Christian denominations the opportunity to enter into a deeper relationship with God by sharing in our Passionist liturgical celebrations, while renewing and strengthening themselves spiritually and physically in a place of deep silence, solitude and prayer.

Retreat Guests are welcome and encouraged to assist with the Nuns at the Eucharist and all Liturgical Hours of Prayer.


smoke-free environment

The whole Guest Building is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is restricted to the outside only.

Each retreat guest room is private with its own shower and

accommodations for the physically challenged
 are provided.

       Some guest rooms have a lake view!

 Lake in the Fall


Library books and tapes are for your use during your retreat. If you bring a tape player, please bring earphones.




 Silence is maintained in the Dining Room for most retreats with a conference or music tape played during the meal.

                A Large Meeting Room is available
                   in the Lower Level of the Guest House
Retreat House Large Meeting Room

     We appreciate being able to share our monastic life with you. We pray that your Retreat Experience will be an enriching grace in your life and we are confident that your presence will be an enriching experience in our lives.


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