From Henceforth You Shall Be Known As...

Sorry for another big tease...but...although the creek did not rise we ARE having troubles getting the pictures to upload from the camera - can you BELIEVE it!? 

Sooo...there are no photos in this post but I can still tell you her NEW name!

Drum roll please...

The long-awaited moment is here...

To bring closure to our "disappearing" postulant and

introduce you to...

Sister Lucia Marie of the Mystical Body of Christ

Here is that promised reflection by Sister Lucia Marie of her new religious name and title.

To be Light in the Heart of the Church

Today, along with the great grace of receiving the holy habit, I received the treasure of a new name, Lucia Marie of the Mystical body of Christ.  The Lord continues to open to me the riches of this name’s meaning, but I’d like to share a few reflections with you here.

Lucia Marie is in honor of Our Lady of Light, and this title for the Blessed Mother speaks to me of her mission and her beautiful disposition of humility, both of which I seek to emulate in my own life.  First, her mission, like that of all Christians, is to be "the light of the world,” a light which “must shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father” (Mt 5:14,16).  Mary fulfills this mission par excellence, having borne the Light of the World in a singularly privileged manner. 

As my patroness, then, she is a guide as I, too, seek to bear the Light in the midst of our dark world, echoing her “Fiat” by offering myself each day to the Lord as His handmaid, that His will may be accomplished in my life.  Like Our Lady, I hope that by my life of union with Christ I may draw souls to our God, hiding myself ever more deeply in His great light.

My title, of the Mystical Body of Christ, stems from a persistent grace of understanding my life as intimately connected with Christ in His Church, the Mystical Body of which He is the Head.  During my first visit to the monastery, for example, I had a deep sense that I had found the heart of the Church, and that I was to make my home there.  Still, as I continued in my discernment I had to grapple with questions and doubts; couldn’t I serve the Church better as her hands or feet or voice, as a teacher, a missionary, or a youth minister?  Yet the Lord continued to beckon me, assuring me that these are great and noble works, but He desires that I dwell in the heart of His Bride, the Church, to be the love which animates the works of my fellow members, stretching the embrace of my heart far beyond the walls of the cloister, far beyond where I could venture in a lifetime of travel.  This was the grace that finally gave me the peace and courage to say “yes” to His call. 

I continue to experience this beautiful reality, and as I grow in love for Jesus, I find I must grow in love and concern for His Mystical Body which still toils on this earth, with all the suffering and joy that entails.  In this cloister, this heart of the Church, I must be keenly aware of my brothers and sisters, participating in the Church’s missionary essence in an oft-invisible, though no less real, manner.  And now, receiving my new name, Lucia Marie of the Mystical Body of Christ, I shall begin to learn to be a light in the heart of the Church, shining always for the glory of my crucified and risen Savior!

(Photos tomorrow, God-willing and technology cooperates!)