Passionist Oblate Sharings


   Tom and Debbie Share
    the Founder's Letters

    what it’s like to begin to know
    St. Paul of the Cross in his letters.

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  Homilies on selected letters
  from St. Paul of the Cross
  to Mother Mary Crucified

by Msgr. Bernard  Powers

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                   Pope Benedict VI's words -  (12/7/06)
    "..A fundamental task of pastoral care is to teach people how to pray and how to learn to do so personally, better and better."

Schools of prayer

 "Many seek meditation elsewhere because they think that they will not be able to find a spiritual dimension in Christianity," Benedict XVI observed. "We must show them once again not only that this spiritual dimension exists but that it is the source of all things.

  To this end, we must increase the number of these schools of prayer, for praying together, where it is possible to learn personal prayer in all its dimensions: as silent listening to God, as a listening that penetrates his Word, penetrates his silence, sounds the depths of his action in history and in one's own person; and to understand his language in one's life and then to learn to respond in prayer with the great prayers of the Psalms of the Old Testament and prayers of the New."                   

A Reflection on some of the treasures of our Catholic Faith, as seen through the head, hands, and heart of St Paul of the Cross,  and others.
      by  Father Joseph Mills

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      Seven Last Words of
   Our Lord from the cross.
   Within these last words of Our
      Lord was a treasure. Words
     filled with the Heart of Jesus.
            A last precious gift.

                       by  Gene Boehmann

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    Resting in Our Father’s Love
      “The Father Himself loves you.”

(A Meditation Inspired by St. Paul of the Cross)

    December, 2007 Passionist Oblate Meeting
by  Mother Catherine Marie, C.P.

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    "If we reach out to God He will pour out His graces in abundance.”
                     by  Dan Howard

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   “My one and only dislike WAS the times we were asked to spend it in silence!”
by Veda Mattingly
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     "It was now time for me to allow Jesus into my life. It was here at the monastery....”

                     by  Kerry Ledington

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     "Respect Life Sunday.” Why? The answer is hopefully obvious. The Catholic Church has always promoted the sanctity of life. ...."

                     by  Bill Bach

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   “Until you hold me in heaven,
   I am safe in the arms of Jesus.”
A Pro-Life Event!
by Debbie Ward
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