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Ordinarily, in order to insure the possibility of a "monastic" experience for our guests, all of our retreats are "silent" retreats, where one may speak only in specified areas of the retreat house.  Guests are welcome to participate in the full monastic liturgy of our community, i.e., daily Mass and the full Liturgy of the Hours in the main chapel.  There is also the opportunity for Eucharistic prayer in the private retreat house chapel, as well as reflective walking on the beautiful meditation paths open to the public.

       These are self-directed retreats in the silence and solitude of our monastic environment.
       The retreatan
t may request a meeting with a priest sometime during the retreat.

                                Requested offering:  $85.00 per night per person, for room and meals.
                                   Non-refundable registration fee: $25.00 applicable to the retreat offering.




Sue, Helen, Squib, Barbara, Martine & Sr. Martha - Louisville Retreatants



Fr. Donald P. Halpin, O.F.M. Conv. - missionary serving in Zambia, Africa made a retreat before returning to Africa.

Sr. Simone, Sr. Lois, Cassie, Mary, Ruby & Pauline - Indiana & Kentucky Retreatants




Christy, Lynn, Sr. Maria Goretti, OSU
November Retreat

Adria and Lori during their March Retreat


Suzanne -  March Retreat 

Fr. J. Thomas Petri, O.P. 
during July Retreat

Stephanie and Sharon 
during Retreat

See Reservations for more detail and to schedule.

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