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                                            Be Still and Know that I am God

Ordinarily, in order to insure the possibility of a "monastic" experience for our guests, all of our retreats are "silent" retreats, where one may speak only in specified areas of the retreat house.  Guests are welcome to participate in the full monastic liturgy of our community, i.e., daily Mass and the full Liturgy of the Hours in the main chapel.  There is also the opportunity for Eucharistic prayer in the private retreat house chapel, as well as reflective walking on the beautiful meditation paths open to the public.


                Bring a bag lunch.  May use our chapel, attend all liturgical services, walk the meditation paths.

                           Requested offering:  $15.00.
                           Coffee will be provided.
                           Retreat house bedrooms are not provided.

                               Dominican Sister from Nashville, TN
          Martha from Louisville, KY

Fr. James Walling, CPM  Group Day of Recollection
 Confirmation Retreat - St. Ann's Parish, Morganfield, KY

                 A day of conferences by a retreat director brought in by the group themselves, or arranged
                     by the monastery.

                            Suggested offering:  $25.00 per person.
                            Non-refundable registration fee:  $10.00 applicable to the retreat offering.

                                    Meal extra unless the group exceeds 10 persons.
                                    Meal included in above offering if the group exceeds 10 persons.

                        Nun Run-Katie & Group
                from Benedictine   College,Kansas
                                 Nun Run-Claire & Group
                       from St. Thomas University,  Minnesota

                  Nun-Run - Martha brings group
                            from Texas A&M!
            Des Moines, Iowa TEC Leadership Conference Retreat
                          A Catholic Movement of Spirituality for
                              Older Adolescents & Young Adults

             St. Cecilia Academy students  Nashville, TN
                                   Fr. Andrew Cuzzens and
                                     group from Wisconsin

                     Nashville Dominican's prepare for
                           Profession of Final Vows
                                 Sister Servants from Irondale, AL 
                          stay overnight during Eucharistic Congress

Meeting Rooms for small or large Christian group’s are available.

See Reservations for more detail and to schedule.

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