and GUEST HOUSE

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  Reach out and grasp
 Precious Jewel of Life

                                               A Relationship of Intimate
                                               Love with Jesus Christ.

                                                                                   If you truly seek God and are:

                                                                                   Roman Catholic
                                                                                          (for at least 3 years)

                                                                                   Single - between the ages of 18-35

                                                                                   A high school graduate and capable of
                                                                                          some college level study

                                                                                   Some social life experience

                                                                                   Physically and psychologically healthy.

                                                                                   A United States Citizen.

We are women who wish to invite you  to consider the possibility of being what we are Passionist Nuns of St. Joseph's Monastery.

          Passionist  Novice

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Steps in
Becoming a Nun:
  1. Contact Monastery
  2. Aspirant
  3. Postulant
  4. Novice
  5. Junior Professed                   
  6. Final Profession

Passionist Nuns After Final Profession

Please send more information to:

 The Passionist Nuns are happy to assist you in any way we can with the question of your vocation.  Our intention is not to recruit, but to work with the Holy Spirit in the discernment of God's will.   Please feel free to write with any questions you may have. 

If you would like more information at this time, the following form will serve as an initial point of contact.

          Please note:  this information will not be shared or sold to any third parties.

                                                   E-mail us             here

or Call us at:      (270) 233-4571

       or Write to:        Vocation Director
                                  Passionist Nuns
                                  8564 Crisp Road
                                                     Whitesville, KY 42378-9782

 Further information will be forwarded to you upon request.

Know that you will be in our prayers!

All requests are read in a timely manner.