Mary, Mother of the Church
                  and Our Mother


                  Mary in the Life of Passionists:

The Presence of Mary
in the Life of  St. Paul of the Cross

                                      (Founder of the Passionist Congregation
                                                  of men and women)

                                 The Seven Dolors of Mary
Mary, Mother of Hope

              Marian Devotions:
Our Lady of the Rosary
Scriptural Rosary
History and Background of the Rosary
    Our Lady’s Rosary Makers

              May, Mary's Month

Mary Prophesied in the Old Testament

The Immaculate Conception  

   Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary         Visitation Is Prelude to Jesus' Mission

Act of Consecration
to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

    If Mary is the mother of Jesus, and
           if Jesus is God, then 
                  Mary is the Mother of God