First Conference After Election as Superior
by Mother John Mary, C.P.

July, 2016

Dear Sisters, I thank God we can gather this morning in his holy Name.

I thank you that you are here to help me with your prayers, your council, your example. Your indulgence, your love, your faith and your hope spur me on. I have been so edified by the words of wisdom I have received from so many of you. I will continue to reflect upon them.

As I meet with each of you I am beginning to discover the beautiful journey each of you are on. I am grateful and overwhelmed at his awe-inspiring work in each of you and in our community.

Not only has our community a new leader but 6 months from now our nation will too. Each of us is grieved at the poor prospects of those who will govern us. The lack of Godly leadership is appalling and sorrowful. It can cause us to feel pessimistic. The outbreaks of violence we are seeing are an outward manifestation of the real battle between good and evil.

Ephesians 6:12 “Our wrestling is not against flesh and blood but against the principalities and powers…

We must put on the armor of God if we are to resist on the evil day; do all that our duty requires and hold our ground.”

Jesus has shown us the weapons of our combat. Recalling that the servant is not greater than the Master, the bride not greater than the Bridegroom, the Passion of Jesus continues in us and our weapon is the Cross. The cross represents the virtues of Jesus - His humility, his silence, his lack of complaint, his look of love upon his torturers, His death of love – his victory.

Let’s say with St. Therese

“Smiling I brave the fire; and in Your arms, O my divine Bridegroom with a song on my lips, I shall die on the battlefield, my weapons in my hand.”

Our weapons are our participation in his Passion. I see each of you participating in this passion in many and sundry ways…health problems, physical pain, mental pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain, arid prayer, family sorrows … These sorrows are assisting the many and varied members of our Bridegroom’s mystical body.

A quote from Venerable Mother Magdalena, C.P. “And when these souls who are on fire with divine love have their Gethsemane and their Calvary, they can be seen struggling generously, their eyes fixed not on creatures, but on the One whom they love. They understand that the most glorious moment for the Christian is as for the soldier, that moment of fighting bravely on the battlefield. That is why, once they have asked for the necessary help and advice, they take care to hide their condition of trial and suffering from others so as not to expose their treasure to the enemy. They keep their sufferings to themselves, loving God more than themselves.”

Sisters, let’s renew our confidence in God. Let’s give ourselves wholeheartedly to this merciful Lover. Divine Mercy is won for souls by our confidence, our love, our trust. Let’s be brides of Merciful Love, letting him have his way with us, that we may be purified and his merciful love can flow through us during this Year of Mercy. This mercy for souls is obtained through love.

Psalm 144:1

“Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for battle, my fingers for war.”

Through these purifications He is making us into true spiritual warriors.

But we feel so poor, we know our weakness in virtue, therefore Jesus gave us His Mother on Calvary, at the Supreme Hour of love. Let’s turn to our Immaculate Mother. Sisters, I beg you, let Jesus entrust you to Mary, as He did John, give her permission to form you into the most pure brides of so holy a Bridegroom. Let’s entrust ourselves, our nation, our wonderfully blessed monastic community, our future to our Lady – the True Superior and President.

I need your witness of holiness and mercy, the world needs your witness, terrorists need your witness, our nation needs your witness.

cf. Venerable Mother Magdalena, C.P.: “Jesus, I have made many sacrifices upon entering and persevering in this way of love. Let me not retreat and weaken but by my very weakness cling, pine, yearn for you. Ignite the flame of your love in my heart, that flame that transports and sustains. Jesus, you have asked for my body in order to immolate yourself again and to redeem souls with my blood…enkindle the tormenting fire in me that I am never content to sit back but through fidelity to Rule, to Love, to Holy Spirit I run through the woods and over the mountains without tiring in love, to seek the wounded sheep through fidelity to God’s will in daily life. O Saints of God, O Mother Co-Redemptrix, torment me that I have no repose, except in leading souls to the foot of the redemptive cross.

I have so many treasures placed in my poor hands through my Spouse, let me give them away with joy, smile, fidelity, purity of motive, transparency, humility and self-forgetfulness.”

Going back to my initial words. We are in a battle, we are at war, not with terrorists, not with Democrats, pro-abortionists, persons promoting the Gay rights agenda, but with Satan himself. And we know how to conquer him. It is through love, confidence, mercy and humility.

From Mother Magdalena, C.P.: “Sacrifice – the First Quality of Love. Ephesians 5: 1-2 God himself felt the need for showing love through sacrifice. “Follow Christ by loving as He loved you.” The soul that truly loves feels the necessity to sacrifice itself for him. Love itself asks for nourishment, in its insatiable hunger to sustain itself and grow. The food of love, the flame that feeds this divine fire is sacrifice.

“Sometimes it may come directly from God, sometimes from creatures, but always it is the renunciation of oneself, of one’s own inclinations, ideas, tastes, and pleasures. In a word, it is self-immolation that comes from the death of your own will. For one opportunity like this, give up all other means. No other one is so powerful for making you run along the way of love and for giving rest to your soul.”

From Mother Magdalena, C.P.: “Fraternal Charity. All virtues are good, but the Lord has asked us to cherish charity in a special way: ‘I give you a new commandment: love one another.’ This clear and express will of the Lord is what we should inculcate in souls desirous of virtue. We must practice charity first, with the persons with whom we live. Kind words, amiability in attitude and conduct, seeing in them the God whom we love, covering with our charity the sins that obscure the image.

“What Mary could not do for her Son, we can do for those who suffer, in whom we find the same Jesus who died on Calvary. Everything we do for them He accepts gratefully, as if we had done it for Him. If everyone is penetrated with these truths, how much more should the religious persons know them. “The Lord will find His delight in those places where He is loved and where the favorite virtue of His divine Heart is practiced.”

May our Lady teach us these virtues, let’s be more and more led by her, that we can stand with her on Calvary as little co-redeemer brides of Jesus, quenching His thirst by bringing him souls, Singing a canticle of praise, Joy, confidence and thanksgiving.

Now let us sing “Holy is His Name”

Sign of Peace



Mother John Mary