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A Way of Life,
A Way of Mystery

     A vocation to religious life is always a mystery. Even more of a mystery when this call is a call to leave the world and join a Cloistered, Contemplative Community. It is as real and needed today as it was centuries past.

There is a magnetic beauty about Contemplative Life which whets the human appetite for God. Contemplatives witness to the holiness of God and the unfathomable love which lies behind the story of Jesus. He is our Way; our Truth; and our Life. This TRUTH has so captured our hearts that we are willing to leave the material world and vow ourselves to live our Baptismal Life to the full. This is how the Passionist Nuns of today take the pains and sufferings of this world seriously. In other words, we go to the HEART of the MYSTERY OF GOD’S LOVE, JESUS CRUCIFIED and RISEN.

By our apostolate of PRAYER, Contemplatives constantly challenge the Church and the World with Christ’s Story. We proclaim WHO Jesus is and WHAT the Kingdom of God means.

Christ is always young in the heart of a Contemplative!

Monastic Vocation

The monastic vocation is a call to live a life of freedom and detachment. We are liberated from certain particular concerns in order that we may belong entirely to God. In the monastic life we are set apart from the world so that we can be part of the world and intercede for its needs.

Monastic Charism

The monastic charism is not one of pure solitude. It is a charism of communion with one another. It is a charism of special love and mutual aid in the attainment of a difficult end. Monastic work, obedience, poverty, chastity, are all in some way colored and tempered by the communal charism of community in pilgrimage and in hope. 


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